Review of the LEGO Star Wars Episode I 9499 Gungan Sub set

I’ve taken the hobby of reconstituting sets from bins of unsorted LEGO parts I buy from people emptying their attic, and I’ve had the nice opportunity to build a set from Star Wars Episode One, a movie I’ve enjoyed more than most.

This set was part of the Piermont bin of LEGO I bought off Craigslist. It was a nice surprise because it features Princess Padme Amidala, Master Obi-One Kenobi, Padawan Anakin Skywalker and of course Jar Jar Binks!

To my further surprise, this 2012 set is a complete redesign of the 7161 Gungan Sub set released in 1999. The design difference are obvious with a smoother shape helped with curved slopes and hinges. I didn’t expect such a forgettable vehicle from Star Wars: Episode One to be featured twice but evidently LEGO saw a demand.

A LEGO model of the Gungan submarine featured in Star Wars Episode One displayed on an acrylic riser. The model is heavily slanted on a custom LEGO stand and lets appear the details of its top despite the picture being taken horizontally. Minifigures of Padme Amidala and Jar Jar Binks are standing next to it.

Once completed, I tried to display it on my top shelf, but neither the sides nor the underside have any visual interest, so I built a heavily slanted custom display stand to enjoy the detailed top view of the sub no matter where I am in the room.

Also Jar Jar isn’t here to play.

A jar Jar Binks LEGO minifigure equipped with a spear gun. His face expression is extremely serious and the face view suggests he's about to shoot the viewer.

Rebrickable page for the LEGO Star Wars Episode One 9499 gungan Sub set

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