Holidays 2021 transatlantic flight movie review

I have been taking transatlantic flights several times since 2009, and every time I’m barely able to sleep during the 7 or 8 hours (depending on the direction) that the flight lasts for. So I watch movies, and I pick the ones I could have watched at home but had more interesting stuff to do. This is the 2021 batch.

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The Prom location, Indiana, is unfortunately on point

A local review of The Prom (2020) which action takes place in Indiana tried to make the case the state isn’t that backwards about accepting gay people by resorting to a nasty racist trope.

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“The Devil’s Advocate” is a movie conservative as Hell

The Devil’s Advocate uses Christian mythological images to convey very conservative opinions that must have been way less conspicuous when it was released 21 years ago in 1997.

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RBG, a bittersweet documentary

RBG is a well-made documentary about an extraordinary woman who still fights for women’s rights to this day, and her matching and supporting husband of lesser fame but no lesser merit. Unfortunately the current US political landscape tainted my reception of this movie without having to do with its quality.

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Mad Max the Video Game is better than the movie

Mad Max: Fury Road is arguably one of the most memorable movies of 2015, for a number of reasons. And after having extensively played the eponymous video game released the same year, I feel like it is going further and deeper into human madness than the movie ever went.

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Lockout review

I was invited by the NY Sci-Fi and Fantasy Meetup groop to see the premiere of Lockout last evening. I had no real expectations from the movie, all I knew before seeing it was its poster and the fact that Luc Besson was involved in its production. I was hoping that seeing this movie for free would help enjoying it but eventually it didn’t. At all.

WARNING : May contain spoiler, but can you spoil what is already spoilt ?

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