Holidays 2021 transatlantic flight movie review

I have been taking transatlantic flights several times since 2009, and every time I’m barely able to sleep during the 7 or 8 hours (depending on the direction) that the flight lasts for. So I watch movies, and I pick the ones I could have watched at home but had more interesting stuff to do. This is the 2021 batch.

New York City, USA → Paris, France

Bad Boys For Life (2020)

Completely forgettable, driving the franchise into the ground, hopefully for good. Will Smith’s gimmicks are actually acknowledged in this movie, which makes them even sadder.

Boss Level (2020)

I have a soft spot for time loops scenarios, and this movie delivers all the features that make them enjoyable to me: an awkward wake up situation repeated ad nauseam, comic relief from the absence of consequences, a learning process chopped in time-loop length size, and a welcome resolution at the end.

Paris, France → New York City, USA

The Card Counter (2021)

I know I’m a sucker for narrator movies explaining the principles of niche occupations, but this one spared me the much too familiar narrative roller-coaster with an easy high at the start before a dramatic turn in the middle that eventually gets resolved at the end. Instead it unspooled the story down a gentle hill to its satisfying, even if sad, conclusion.

Ford vs Ferrari (2019)

I knew what I was getting into when I started this movie. Close-ups of clutch pedals and raging gear changes on a American exceptionalism background. Still, the underlying true story made this overdramatic retelling more compelling to watch than I expected and the film’s Le Mans-worthy 2h32mn passed by in a flash.

The Suicide Squad (2021)

It took two massive productions but they finally managed to make a good movie out a good idea. Actually irreverent and full of visual gags and quippy dialogues (and no terrible Joker), this movie was exactly what I expected the first one to be. The first movie wasn’t entirely for naught if you already watched it because it serves as a narrative step to propel this movie into action.

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