Play Supreme Commander campaigns in Forged Alliance Forever

The Forged Alliance Forever client makes it possible to play the original Supreme Commander campaigns with all the comfort brought both by the standalone expansion Forged Alliance and a slew of quality of life improvements implemented in the community project.

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Death Stranding: All this, for this?

Death Stranding boasts a “genre-defying experience”, but it isn’t accurate, it’s defying several genres at once, and it isn’t succeeding on several fronts. In the end, this extremely well-engineered game doesn’t manage to cover the extremely large ego of his main creator, Hideo Kojima.

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“It’s the fastest train in the world!”

I recently completed a LEGO MOC (My Own Creation, an unofficial model created by independent designers) of the French high-speed train TGV Duplex. While I’m a fan of all things train, the TGV will always have a special place in my heart for personal and familial reasons.

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My experience learning how to drift a car

Disclaimer: This post is mainly for myself, to remember how I felt when comes the inevitable question whether to do it again or not. To keep an accurate record of the upsides and the downsides of me engaging in this very particular activity, to inform a decision that involves quite a bit of money.

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Holidays 2021 transatlantic flight movie review

I have been taking transatlantic flights several times since 2009, and every time I’m barely able to sleep during the 7 or 8 hours (depending on the direction) that the flight lasts for. So I watch movies, and I pick the ones I could have watched at home but had more interesting stuff to do. This is the 2021 batch.

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The “Thing Explainer” that didn’t really

I got “Thing Explainer”┬áby Randall Munroe and while I was excited about it, I found out the very writing constraint that makes it stand out is also its biggest weakness, resulting in a mixed bag for me.

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Frostpunk vs. these survival simulators that don’t say anything

Survival city-building simulators add some tension to an otherwise chill video game genre. But with this tension comes expectations of message that aren’t always fulfilled like Frostpunk masterfully did.

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Cliff Stoll, the beautiful glass-blown nerd

While eagerly demonstrating my feelings to my significant other, I stumbled on the wonderful character of Clifford Stoll, of astronomy and computer science fame, who now sells glass Klein bottles in the most amazingly adorable fashion.

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