Review of the LEGO Minecraft 21153 The Wool Farm set

I’ve gone back and forth on my opinion of the LEGO Minecraft theme sets, but building the 21153 The Wool Farm set made me finally consider it a failed adaptation.

When I first saw the Minecraft LEGO sets, I thought it was dumb because my experience of non-video game adaptations of video games is mostly negative.

But then I came around to it and admitted that it was a pretty good match because of the shared blockiness between both universes.

Now that I’ve actually built this set, I’ve come back full circle and now believe it’s dumb again. The problem is that LEGO bricks aren’t cubic themselves, so matching the Minecraft block shape requires stacking a plate on top of a brick, an incredibly repetitive process that needs to be performed more than 50 times for this set.

And you end up with basic building blocks, something LEGO already did on its own!

Granted, maybe the more action-oriented Minecraft sets are actually worth it, as the highlight of this set for me are the sheep mini-builds. But I wouldn’t bet any diamond on it.

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