Review of the LEGO Creator 10265 Ford Mustang set

I’m 36 and I like to describe myself as a life-long LEGO fan but there has been a long stretch of my life after I moved out of my parent’s house when I barely had any LEGO where I lived. Until this Ford Mustang set.

Even without actively buying or building LEGOs, I couldn’t really escape LEGO marketing, especially not in New York City where there are two separate LEGO stores. I’ve seen some Creator cars sets but until this one, none had caught my attention enough to warrant a purchase.

Either the models weren’t true enough to the real world inspiration, or I was just not interested in the real world inspiration. But this set was the perfect intersection of a nice rendition of a car I am interested in. The working steering was just the icing on an already very appetizing cake and made me decide on the purchase in May 2019.

I don’t remember the build experience itself, but I know it’s been sitting prominently on my successive shelves ever since, with and without the add-ons.

I will give 4/5 for playability because even with working steering and adjustable rear ride height, it still is a display set at heart.

And a fine one at that.

The su-purr-charger

(Review originally posted on the page for the LEGO Creator 10265 Ford Mustang set)

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