Dear friends,
I want to tell my experience about “train station” game on face book.
I played that game for about 3-4 months , every day for many many hours and finally I was at level 105 when I decided to stop playing.
All the others games on face book (those I know) , ask you for real money directly , or for the “help” of your web friends.
“Train Station” is more clever. It gives you the feeling that you can play completely without real money, but if you try it for a long time (more than 3 months) you can easily understand that you are a “second class” player.
For example : After 105 levels , a lot of times and enough “hard job” , if you want to continue playing, you can use only small cargo wagons with very small capacity and you can get an achievement very very difficult.
I antithesis , if you have real money to spend you can buy very strong locomotives (40-50 wagons capacity) as well as cargo wagons with high capacity , that means , you are a player who can do everything you want on game.
After all if you have not problem to play as a ‘slave’ without the necessary tools ….. except you pay for them … ‘Trainstation” is a very good game to spend your time.
Archelaos Stavrianos