I would like to commend the excellent and informative article written by MRPETOVAN, and would like to add my agreement to Ian Hutchings comments. I started playing this game several months ago, thinking it would be another flash in the pan like all the others. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the game and by the fact you can only really help other players……no robbing or attacking an unsuspecting opponent at three o’clock in the morning here. This is one aspect of games on the internet I disliked, forcing the player to endlessly keep checking their position at all hours in case some other player tried to surprise you.

Thankfully there is no such nonsense in TrainStation. A game that is fun and intellectually stimulating at the same time…? Pixel have hit the nail firmly on the head with this one.

There are also many helpful groups out there dedicated to TrainStation, further enhancing the players enjoyment of the game.

Another great aspect of playing this game is the great support given by the Devs mentioned in Ian’s comments. My experience is they will bend over backwards to help, will always strive to sort out a problem to the players satisfaction, and are courteous and polite to boot!
How many games have that going for them?

Pixel have set a gold standard in internet gaming, and I can’t praise the game enough. There is so much in the game that it will keep me a fan for many years to come, and if there was a Michelin Standard for games on FaceBook, TrainStation I am sure would get the full Five Star rating.